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Waterless Valet

Central Valets are an established, professional service that prides itself on integrity, innovation and environmetal responsibility to both private and commercial clients at affordable prices.

Our waterless eco-friendly products will clean, polish and protect bodywork, chrome, glass and wheels without using water or any other product.   Its advanced formula will safely remove dirt, insects and bird droppings without scratching and leave a deep shine and ionic barrier that will repel water, dirt, dust and harmful UV rays.


We operate at a prime site in city centre Glasgow and can cater for most booking requirements.  Please call us on 0871 974 2807 to find out where available and to book your vehicle in for our premium valet services:


Exterior Eco Waterless Wash    

Hand applied exterior Waterless wash and Waterless polish on vehicle exterior - with all exterior wheels, glass & tyres cleaned.

Mini Eco Waterless Valet            

Exterior Eco Waterless Wash above, Plus: Interior cabin vacuum (not boot), rubbish removal, dashboard dusted, and with all exterior door shuts and tyres dressed.


Executive Eco Waterless Valet 

Mini Eco Waterless Valet above, Plus:  Interior cleaned that includes remove all rubbish, the carpets & seats deep vacuumed (inc boot), cabin upholstery washed waterlessly, dashboard, fascia and centre console fully cleaned and polished, all chrome cleaned and polished, clean ashtrays, sills cleaned, interior glass throughout vehicle cleaned and polished.  If you have leather interior we clean your leather with a specialised leather cleaner.

NOTE - Excessively dirty or neglected vehicles or vehicles that transport pets can be refused or incur a further charge by the management.

Additional Valet Services:

Air Con Clean   

We decontaminate and deodourise your vehicle air conditioning system with our anti-bacterial cleaning spray that leaves your vehicle refreshed.


Typical Questions

1.       How do Central Valets wash my car without using water?

Our spray-on wipe-off earth friendly polymers lift the dirt from the surface of the paint and encapsulate it in a lubricating film so that it can be removed without a scratch. All that is left behind is a polymer residue which we remove with our soft microfibre cloth to leave the car shiny and protected


2.       Will it scratch my car?

Our products are totally scratch free. The polymer in the product captures the dirt and lifts it from the surface of your paint. It is then removed safely with a clean cloth.


3.       How long will the service take?

Our services vary from 20 minutes for an Exterior Eco Waterless Wash to approx 1 ½ hours for our Executive Eco Waterless Valet.




Simply call us on 0871 974 2807 to book your appointment.

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